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No crash Diets,
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What if food could be easy, or dare we say... fun?

We’re made to believe that food should be a struggle, but honestly, we think that’s bullshit. At Rebel, we help our clients get a handle on their nutrition in a healthy and sustainable way - without ever following a diet again. We believe nutrition can (and should!) be a joyful part of life. And we’ll help you get there.

Our programs

1:1 Coaching

Overwhelmed by all the nutrition information around you? Frustrated that you can’t seem to follow through? Ready to finally figure it out? Then our 1:1 coaching is for you! With a coach in your corner, we’ll build you a personalised plan that gets you to your goals once and for all.

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Mentorships & Masterclasses

Our group programs are for folks looking to learn more about nutrition, ditch their food struggle and create a plan toward their goals - all with community support!

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The Rebel Roadmap

Ready to take on your nutrition alone, but need some direction to get started? The Rebel Roadmap is a self-guided nutrition action plan, developed and personalised for you by a Rebel coach, paired with one or three coaching sessions to put you on your path to nutrition success.

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As your coaches, we’ll help you align the way you eat with your goals so that you can get out there in the world and thrive. We’re committed to keeping this process feeling good through clear & honest communication.


Everyone has a unique relationship with food and the emotion around it can run deep. Together, we'll create a brave space to explore your feelings around food and forge a new relationship that really works for you.


We’re told nutrition should be a struggle, but we don’t agree. At Rebel, we’re committed to doing the work AND keeping it fun. With joyful nutrition as our baseline, we’ll figure out what you need and enjoy the process at the same time.


Rebel Nutrition Coach


Head Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer & Mama

Client Love

"Sinds 1,5 jaar ben ik op een missie om mn overall fitness te verbeteren, maar voeding bleef een punt. Crashen, afvallen en dan weer aankomen. Ik was het zo dat! Nu heb ik Louise als voedingscoach en het bevalt me super goed! Geen calorieën tellen, geen 'fout' voedsel. Ik ben ook al afgevallen zonger maar 1 moment het gevoel te hebben gehad dat ik iets niet mocht eten. Heerlijk!"

Goal: Ditch crash diets

"Working with Rebel has been an incredibly positive experience. They have a wonderful ability to work in a holistic way that takes into account nutrition, health, lifestyle, and personal circumstances to help me reach my goals. I really appreciate how my coach helps break down big goals into smaller steps without focusing on restriction, but rather enhancing the foods I already love with more nutritious food I now love as well (donuts and broccoli can coexist!)."

Goal: More energy for life

"I worked with Louise to help me restructure the way I nourish my body and my attitude to food. Having been trapped in toxic diet culture for all of my life, I found working with Louise so refreshing. She helped me explore not only changing my dietary patterns themselves but the reasons why I wanted to do that and taught me to be more kind to myself. I would absolutely recommend 1:1 coaching to anyone who's looking to make a change while also being gentle to themselves and leaving toxic diet culture in the dust. "

Goal: Better relationship with food

"I finished my coaching trajectory with Rebel with both fresh knowledge and new perspective. I find Louise’s approach to be both motivating and approachable. She honors you at the place where you are NOW, all the while recognizing the places that you want to go. I began in the role of student looking towards a trusted teacher, but towards the end, found that I had discovered more and more confidence in my own abilities and intuition. That’s invaluable! If you’re ready for long-term, healthy change on YOUR terms (aligned with your own personal goals and values), this is it."

Goal: Align my nutrition with my values

"I love the way Louise makes nutrition fun! But the best part is; food is not a struggle anymore! I considered myself a person who knew a bit about nutrition already, but during the coaching, I learned so many new things!"

Goal: Improve my athletic performance

"Louise really helped me better understand to really feel what works for me. In highlighting my strengths, I also learned to find more freedom from strict food rules. The Rebel Roadmap is a guideline for life and I can truly say I have never felt so ‘flexible’ in my mind when I enjoy the way I eat. Thank you, Louise!"

Goal: To find more food flexibility

"The 1:1 coaching was a fun and new exciting experience since this approach - not having a strict diet plan - was totally new for me. Working with Louise gave me a whole new perception of food and possibilities without following a strict boring plan week after week! Louise was also very spot on with giving advice and trying to ease things up a bit which helped in making new habits. The end result is that I lost 13kg in weight with a lot of muscle gain. I'm so thankful to work with Louise this last half year and I'm looking forward to reaching more goals together with her!"

Goal: Improve my athletic performance

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