Are you REALLY ready for a change? Here’s how to tell.

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Posted on May 24, 2022
Posted on May 24, 2022

Have you ever fixed your eyes on something you wanted, set a goal and then chased it with all you have only to flounder a couple of days in? My goodness, I’ve sure been there. Looking back, I see that I wasn’t as ready as I had hoped. 

And in my experience, that has a whole lot less to do with the goal or the goal setter than it does with the context & plan. If we don’t take the time to look around us and determine if the plan we’ve set up really *fits* where we’re, we could very well be setting ourselves up for disappointment. 

To avoid all that, do this instead: next time you’re gearing up to chase a particular goal, ask yourself these 3 important questions… 

1. Am I ready?

Your goal is inevitably going to require some changes in the way we approach our day, so it’s critical to first check in on the practical stuff. In the way that we’ve set up our goal or the processes we’ll be following to get it, do I have what I need to get going and see it through?

These can be personal things, such as the time the processes take, or it can be really, really practical – like, if I’ve committed to meal prep and bring my lunches to work every day, do I have enough containers to transport it in a way that will fit in the fridge or not leak on the way?

Got the practical stuff down? Let’s move on! 

2. Am I willing?

When we set goals, we’re rarely prompted to consider the tradeoffs it asks of us, so asking this question is a critical piece of the puzzle. All new goals come at the expense of other goals or priorities in our lives – we trade in some for others. To see success, we need to get real about what we are and are not willing to do and align our process to match.

For example, the tradeoffs necessary to lose 5kg in 2 months are different – in accuracy, consistency and amount of tradeoff – from what is necessary to do the same in 6 months. Neither is a right or wrong approach so long as we are clear about what we’re asking of ourselves and honest about our willingness to see it through.

Good with the tradeoffs? On to the last!

3. Am I able?

This last question might be the most important of them all – am I really able to do what needs to be done here? This isn’t about our innate ability, of course, but about what is going on for us in this given moment.

Here, we should ask ourselves: do I have the *capacity* it takes to get the job done right now? 

Our lives can be freaking busy, and it’s anything but a copout to get real about what we have the mental, physical and/or emotional capacity to take on at the moment.

If you’re about to commit to a plan that requires a couple of extra hours of weekly meal planning, a new grocery shopping regimen and an abrupt change to the way you’re used to eating? It might not be the right moment when you’re going through a stressful work transition or about to send your kids back to school after the summer holidays with a schedule full of new extracurriculars. 

Did you answer ‘no’?

If you’ve checked in with yourself and realized you don’t have what you need to be ready, willing and/or able at this very moment – don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you need to give up on that goal.

We just need to find a different way to get there. 

At Rebel, we’re committed to helping you develop nutrition protocols that respect your wellness, your humanity and your real. damn. life. And that means adjusting the goal, the process, the timeline or the commitment level to a place that DOES align with what’s going on for you.

When we get clear about where we’re at on these 3 questions, we’re able to nail down what DO we have the capacity for that is a step in the right direction. And when it comes to improving nutrition, any step ahead is better than no step at all. And if that step fits in a way that makes it easy to stay consistent? Baby, you’re on the way to real, sustainable change. 

Let’s get it!

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