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I mean, we all love a freebie, right?! Level up your nutrition with these free resources written by our expert coaches!

Rebel Nutrition Freebies

Munch Away, Babe:
Your Guide To Smarter Snacking

  • Why snacking can work FOR you in your food plan
  • Strategies you can use to use snacks for good
  • Five tips for making better choices for your goals
  • Bomb snack inspiration to spice up your snack prep
Rebel Nutrition Freebies
Rebel Nutrition Freebies

Flexible Habits:
The 3-2-1 Method for Habits That Work

  • Why habits are the key to your nutrition journey
  • How to make habits feel easy in your day-to-day life
  • How to help habits stick through good & bad days
  • Our 3-2-1 Habit Method for sustainable results
Rebel Nutrition Freebies

Your Competition Nutrition Guide

  • Why nutrition can make or break comp day
  • How to prioritise your macros
  • Dialing in nutrient timing for performance
  • Our #1 competition nutrition tip