Is community your missing piece?


Posted on August 24, 2022
Posted on August 24, 2022

Going at this shit alone is hard. And if the last couple of years have taught us nothing else, it’s that we need community, we need our humans around, to really thrive. And that includes your nutrition journey.

Never mind that it’s just less fun without them, setting up a team that has your back makes forging on so much less of an uphill battle. So let’s dig into a couple ways to do just that.

The value of community

Our relationships impact all areas of our life. In whatever ways they come – friends, family, a trusted coach – who you surround yourself with can help make the process of breaking down those old bad habits and moving toward new goals smooth as butter on bumpy as heck. We know how discouraging it can be to be surrounded by someone who doesn’t support our goals, and MAN, it works the other way, too.

Surrounding yourself with a team can bring all kinds of good stuff; they’re there for the love and the cheers, and can provide some neutral oversight on a journey that can be high in emotion… and maybe baggage, too. And we can’t rule out the accountability factor – when our motivation waivers, having someone to help hold you to your commitments can be really goal-supportive as well.

Build that team, baby.

The first step to building your dream team is to take a step back and look around you. Who are the folks in your life who’ve got your back on this one? Then, think about calling them in, letting them know you appreciate their support and what you’re aiming for next. These conversations themselves tend to stoke the fire.

The next step is to think about expanding that net: are there people chasing the same kind of goals around you? Maybe at work or at your gym? Perhaps online? Heyyyyy, they could probably benefit from a little extra support, too. Consider opening up your circle to people who are on a similar path and watch the momentum build.

What about a coach?

Is there room on your hype squad for one more? Consider the value of adding a coach (It’s ME! I’d love to be on your team!!🙋‍♀️). Having someone with an extra bit of experience in this stuff can really round out your crew – both in terms of navigating the nutrition science overwhelm, but also the emotional side of things, too.

A coach is someone who will be a sounding board for the challenges and hold space for you as you wade through a perhaps-complicated relationship with food. They can be a reliable source of TRUSTED nutrition information, too. And what a gosh darn BLESSING that can be in a world with such overwhelming amounts of contradictory information… like, have you tried googling for health? YIKES.

By helping you to see past the tempting quick ‘fixes’ advertised around you, your coach will be able to help you eat better without feeling deprived, ditch food rules that don’t serve you and support you through the frustrations to achieve and maintain your goals over the long-term.

Community forward

No matter how you decide to build your team, having a solid crew can be the missing link between where you are and where you want to be. So, here’s to a journey with more support, more collaboration, more heart-to-hearts and more growing, together.

Does the thought of a bigger team (AND a coach!) sound like something that could help you on your journey? If so, Rebel has a community-based group program, The Rebel Method, and registration for our next round opens on September 26th. Our 8-week mentorship will cover all things nutrition and **sustainable** change…and we’ll have some laughs along the way, too. It’s a space to learn, to find the best path to our nutrition goals & connect with each other along the way. And we’d love to have you there with us.

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